4 September 2018

Holly Tucker MBE - small business champion

Holly Tucker MBE

Every now and then I hear of a journey that stops me in my tracks. Holly Tucker MBE’s story is one of those.

For any small business, especially a creative one, finding a space to make your mark can seem impossible. Years ago, in Holly’s spare time, she held craft fairs to help showcase small, creative businesses around London. It was here that she saw the huge need for these small businesses to find this platform to thrive.

Of course the natural choice is to head online. However, with sellers flooding the likes of Etsy and eBay, along with the millions of other business websites, how on earth could these tiny creators make their mark? It’s simple: collectively.

Holly is the co-founder and president of notonthehighstreet.com. The website showcases the creations of 5,000 businesses with more than 200,000 products currently on the site. The fast-growing, multi-million-pound company has become the perfect platform for these extraordinary creatives.

Holly is now taking on the wider challenges in the business arena that are affecting small businesses and the future of retail. Through Holly & Co, she offers help to startups in need of advice. Holly’s also the UK’s Ambassador for Creative Small Businesses and has written two books: Build a Business From Your Kitchen Table and Shape Up Your Business.

A business built to help others

Holly has built a career based on helping other people to reach their goals. Ultimately, when you buy from a small business, you’re not only buying a product, you’re buying a piece of that business owner’s history. I remember our first customer incredibly clearly and will forever be thankful to Ms Postlethwaite for choosing a small British startup over the huge international players we were up against.

Giving these small, often micro-businesses a leg-up to find their way in the incredibly competitive business world is hugely valuable not only to the business owners but to our broader economy. British businesses pay tax in Britain. The money spent goes back into the British economy. That’s not always the case when choosing the big international alternatives who have all manner of tax arrangements to reduce the amount that they pay back into our economy. Support small British businesses and you support Britain as a whole!

I often talk about how the key to success lies in finding a problem that needs solving. Holly not only found a problem, she’s enabling thousands of businesses to thrive. Through notonthehighstreet.com and Holly&Co, she’s helping other people to hit their goals. It’s an incredible story.

I am delighted that Holly is joining us for eCommerce Live UK at UKFast Campus later this month. The event is always a hugely valuable experience for any online business. Bringing in the expertise of someone who has built their business helping eCommerce companies thrive is the perfect fit for this year.

There are some tickets still remaining which you can book for free on the website for the next few days with the discount code LJFREE for the event in either London or Manchester. I hope to see you there.

In the meantime, have you heard any incredible business stories? Share them in the comments below.

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