5 September 2018

UKFast at the Children's Adventure Farm Trust - real business success

The UKFast team donating their time to helping out the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust – a holiday space for terminally ill children and their families.

What does business success look like to you? A swanky office, a great car, growth and progress?

Look beyond the office for a moment.

This week spells the end of the summer holidays for many families. Returning to school can be a bittersweet moment for many parents. It’s a relief in terms of childcare and allows them to get a moment’s peace! It’s also the start of another year of the little ones growing older. Back to the old routines and constraints of the working and school week.

For many families, the return to school means having access to proper meals again. We learned this year that 75,000 children in Greater Manchester were at risk of losing up to half a stone in weight over the summer break. This is because the cost of replacing the free school meals that they’d usually have is simply too much for some families to meet.

This is the reality many families face in 2018. It’s astounding.

Over the summer, UKFast supported three organisations across the region – One Manchester Housing Association, Bolton Lads and Girls Club and Manchester Youth Zone. Together, we helped to deliver 18,000 meals to families to help ease that burden and ensure children have the energy to enjoy their summer breaks. Yet there’s so much more still to do.

Success comes in many forms

Businesses have a huge amount of resource at their fingertips. From events and meeting-room space, to people-power and physical resources. Isn’t it only right that the business arena shares this with those in need right on their doorsteps? Even as an SME you have something to offer to help those around you.

What could your business do to increase its impact on the broader community? How could you have an even bigger impact?

I’ve been in so many circles where influential business people have discussed CSR and community work as something to help win contracts and gain positive PR. Of course, there are business advantages to having a strong CSR programme, but that should never be the sole motivator. Ultimately, we have a collective responsibility to make a positive difference in the world.

Business success isn’t just about growth and money, it’s about making a difference to everyone you encounter.

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