6 September 2018

UKFast sleeping for Children in Need!It was interesting to read in the Evening Standard this week that people are so exhausted they’re turning to £18-an-hour nap pods in the capital.

The article reports that new parents are so sleep deprived they’re willing to pay to take refuge in these tiny relaxation rooms.

We all know that new parents are so tired that they have to hire a space to take a nap. A few years ago, we built sleep pods at UKFast. One of the prime motivators for this was for new parents.

As the UKFast team grows, we see many of our team growing up, getting married and starting a family. That inevitably means sleepless nights. Creating a space for the team is absolutely invaluable. It means they can switch off, relax and even take a nap whenever they need to.

Whilst when we first announced these pods they were almost dismissed by some as a bit of fun or PR, in reality they are used on a daily basis. We find new parents grabbing 40 winks in the middle of the day, or whenever they feel they need a rest.

Helping the work-life-sleep balance

Sleeping pods at UKFast - for the team to catch up on thier sleep

The UKFast Campus Sleeping Pods.

Ultimately it makes perfect business sense. Why would you want someone at their desk who is so exhausted they would pay £18 for a quick snooze? When you’re tired you, you’re less productive, you’re less effective and you inevitably make more mistakes. Enabling the team to switch off when they feel that they need to is only going to increase productivity in the long term. That could be in the gym or having a nap.

We’ve long seen chill-out spaces and shower facilities in office spaces. So, why are we not seeing more opportunities for people to really switch off and take time out? Striking this balance is the only way that anyone can remain productive and happy. To me, it’s part of the responsibility of being a business owner. You have to help your team strike a healthy work-life balance. It’s all about wellbeing and doing what you can to make people’s lives easier.

It seems quite sad to me that sleep is becoming such a luxury that businesses are setting up stall creating spaces where exhausted workers can pop by for a nap in the middle of the day. As an entrepreneur, I see that as a sign that we need to do more to help people to strike a better balance in their lives. We need to help teams to manage their time better and help them to switch off.

That being said, new parents will always need more sleep than they can get!

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