14 September 2018

The week that was - UKFast at the Seashell TrustWhat is your typical Friday? For me, it’s the busiest day of the week, but I never fail to get out of the office at a decent time and head for dinner with UKFast co-founder and MD Gail.

It’s an opportunity to look back on the week that was and to really take in all of the things we’ve achieved. We’re so busy day to day with a family of four daughters and a business portfolio with teams totalling around 450 people, it would be easy to just keep on going. However, pausing to take in your achievements, celebrate and check in with what’s to come is invaluable.

So for today’s post, I thought it worth a run-through of some of this week’s events and what’s to come.

Learning from others

One of my favourite parts of the week – when we can squeeze them between meetings – is my podcasting session. In the studio we’ve created, we’re able to interview guests and hear their lessons and tips for growing businesses.

This week I interviewed Laura Bartlett of House of Coco. What a powerhouse! She’s incredible and her energy is infectious. At just 25-years-old she is already thriving in the publishing arena. Secondly, I spoke with ex-Apprentice and SME champion Ruth Badger. Ruth’s insight is extraordinary. Having been through the Apprentice TV show process and handled the fame that follows, her approach is unique.

There’s something special about hearing first-hand stories from people who have been there themselves. Everyone has a different journey in business and when you collaborate like this you can learn from one another to avoid some of the inevitable pitfalls of growing a business.

The team are editing these recordings now and we’ll be releasing them over the next few weeks over on iTunes. I’d love to hear your feedback when you’ve had a listen. Apprentices at UKFast volunteering in the community

A Helping Hand

The team have been out at the Seashell Trust again this week to help maintain the grounds of the charity’s centre. The centre looks after children and young people with profound learning difficulties.
Our latest apprentice recruits, along with our training and education team, spent the day gardening and carrying out odd jobs to ensure the centre is always at its best for its residents.
Find out more about our 5,000 hours volunteering in the community pledge.

The Week Ahead

This week, we’re holding the next in the eCommerce Live UK series with the Manchester event landing at UKFast Campus on 19th September. This is followed by the London event on 20th. Here the team have arranged an extraordinary line-up of speakers to share real-world eCommerce tips. This is the kind of takeaway advice that could revolutionise your business and skyrocket conversion rates.
Take a look at the video below to hear more from one of our speakers.

What does the week ahead hold for you? What were your greatest achievements this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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