25 September 2018

Entrepreneur Lawrence Jones MBE - business habitsWhether you call it autumn or fall, the start of the autumn equinox last week triggers a new cycle of growth and renovation. As the leaves fall from the trees, they decompose to nourish the growth of new leaves and new life throughout winter and spring.

It’s the perfect opportunity for us to shed bad habits to make room for new positive behaviour. The change in seasons is a great milestone to stop and take stock. More often than not we wait until the New Year to evaluate and set goals. Checking in more regularly is only going to help you on your journey to success.

Have you continued the behaviour that created successes? Or have you stopped a part of your winning formula? Have you picked up any bad habits?

Let’s be honest, everyone has at least one bad habit. It’s inevitable that we pick them up somewhere along the way! From taking the occasional shortcut to working longer hours than you should, now’s the time to evaluate whether your current habits are helping you to succeed.

Time management habits

One of the worst habits that this working generation is picking up is over-working. It is a competition point to see who can work the most hours in a week or who is the first or last in the office. It’s not healthy! Instead, why not look at how you can be more efficient with your time?

How can you make the most of every single moment? For a start, I would bet that the majority of you reading this spend more time in front of screens than you should, usually scrolling through social media. How better could you spend those minutes or hours to help you to achieve your goals?

Make a positive change

On the topic of time, perhaps your bad habit is not investing enough of it into yourself. Check in with your exercise routine, your hobbies and leisure activities. If these are being sacrificed so that you can spend more time working, that’s a clear sign that you need to make a change. Without these opportunities to switch off, you will invariably burn out.

So, what changes are you making as we enter a new season?

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