3 October 2018

ukfast office team working, time management, hoursAre you really making the most of every moment of your time? There are no two ways about it, we’re getting busier. People are more connected than ever, and with that comes more constraints on our time, and more to do. Work is no longer restricted to the office, shopping to the high street or communicating to a landline or PC. We can do almost anything, almost anywhere. So how do you work out what your priorities are?

In 30 years of business, and while the internet has been born and grown around us, I’ve picked up a few tips on maximising every single moment.


I schedule every aspect of what’s important to me. From managing meetings to family time – anything that holds real value is set in stone in my calendar.

Whilst you may ask why I need to schedule family time or date night, it’s more so that everyone knows that the weekends are for my children and that Tuesday evening is date night. These are not times for business enquiries, they’re times for us to switch off.

Scheduling this time means everyone is on the same page. Also, when you really think about it, once you make an appointment for something, you are 99.99% more likely to actually go through with it.

What brings the most value to your end goal?

When you look at your to-do list are you really drilling down into what’s most important to moving you towards your goal? When you are prioritising your task list and choosing how to invest your time, you have to ask what value that task has and what its outcome brings to the business or to yourself. Is it the most valuable way you can spend your time?

What brings you the greatest joy?

Does that task make you happy? Are you passionate about it? We all have jobs that we don’t particularly enjoy doing, but you should never look at your to-do list and see a long line of things that you don’t want to do. Why? Because you can never give your all to something you’re not passionate about!

What helps those around you?

Whilst we’re all working towards our own individual goals, ultimately the real impact lies in how we help those around us. So when prioritising your task list, look at which jobs help your team, your colleagues and the wider community. Making time to support other people is naturally motivating and, for me, these are the things I talk about outside of the office.

There’s always something special about helping someone to solve a problem or reach their own goal. Equally, when you know you need to help someone with something, it can weigh over you and be a huge distraction from everything on your to-do list.

Are you making time to switch off?

Finally, and arguably most importantly, are you making time in your schedule to switch off? No one can be on the go every hour of every day. We simply have to take time out, otherwise you’ll very quickly find that you burn out. When you’re tired, your brain doesn’t work in the same way. I remember reading a couple of year ago that sleep deprivation costs the UK economy a huge £40bn a year!

So take time out. Schedule in some fun. Go out for dinner with friends, spend time with your family or work on a hobby. However you choose to do it, switching off is an absolutely essential ingredient of every success story.

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