8 October 2018

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Laura Bartlett shares the harsh story of rejection and the incredible value of resilience.

Every week I share the latest episode in my Mind Your Own Business podcast. It’s been an interesting journey over the past year. We’ve brought together the things that I’ve learned along my own business journey while sharing other people’s journeys too.

For me, one of the most interesting things to do is meet with other entrepreneurs and business people and learn their stories. What did it take to get to where you are today? What’s your advice for others out there?

When we collaborate like this, I believe that it helps us all to avoid some of the inevitable pitfalls of growing a business. Sharing knowledge and mistakes surely helps us to navigate the path to business success.

So, today, I’m sharing a roundup of some of the most fascinating interviews I have done recently. Listen in and let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

LJ+ Gary Neville: Still on the Ball

This latest podcast was our most successful one, hitting #2 in the top Business charts on iTunes, and understandably so! In this episode, Gary shares some incredible stories of his time at Manchester United and the most valuable lessons Sir Alex Ferguson has taught him. He talks about his mixed feelings of playing alongside his greatest inspirations and childhood heroes, and wondering whether or not he was really worthy of sharing the field with them.

His winning mentality and determination to succeed is now helping him to trail blaze in the world of business and he’s on his way to help shape the future of Manchester off the pitch. Definitely a must-listen episode packed full of inspiration advice and absolutely incredible life lessons!


LJ+ Ruth Badger: From The Apprentice to Master Entrepreneur

Ruth Badger is arguably the most famous Apprentice “loser” gaining a reputation for her straight talking, no nonsense approach back in 2006. Missing out on a job with Lord Sugar certainly didn’t hold her back. She has gone on to set up a number of businesses including a trouble shooting firm, which focusses on helping failing businesses increase productivity and profitability. To date she’s helped more than 350 businesses to launch and saved several from going bust.

Listen to this episode with Ruth where she speaks from the heart about what she learned about herself whilst on The Apprentice, her passion for converting sales, working 17-hour days and why she’ll never work with someone she doesn’t like.


LJ+ Laura Bartlett: Dragons’ Den Failure to International Superwomen

Learning how to dust yourself down after failure is one of the key lessons every successful business leader has to learn. A few years ago Laura Bartlett stood in front of millions of viewers on Dragons’ Den and was told her idea to produce a magazine for the money she was asking for was impossible.
Determined to prove Peter Jones wrong, she went ahead anyway. Five years on, House of Coco is on sale in Selfridges and Harrods. In this podcast Laura shares her incredible story of resilience, smashing goals and living her best life.


LJ+ SunGod: The Art of Disruption

You’ve invented something cool but how do you turn that into a product that enhances the lives of real people? How do companies come along and find ways of doing something so much better than before that it disrupts an entire industry? In this podcast I catch up with Zoë Armstrong, co-founder of eyewear brand SunGod.

What started as a crowdfunding campaign in 2013 is now on course to turn over £3 million this year. Listen to her story.


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