9 October 2018

Carrie Green Female Entrepreneurs Association

Carrie Green Female Entrepreneur Association

I’ve known entrepreneur Carrie Green for many years, since back when she was running a phone-unlocking business. When our paths first crossed, Carrie was disenchanted with her journey. Now, the Female Entrepreneur Association founder and author is a world away from that woman I met back then.

Sitting down to read Carrie’s business book, She Means Business, it’s incredible to think back on that journey.

Carrie is one of the business world’s greats. Speaking with her, you know that she’s got that spark, and that shines through in each page of the book. Whilst the book is clearly anchored towards empowering women in business, it’s certainly not one to be dismissed by any other gender.

It’s a more motivational read than some business books out there, which to me makes it an even rarer find.

The prime message that Carrie shares: You don’t have to be cold or harsh to succeed as a woman in business, and you don’t have to behave like a man. Be yourself and people will relate to you. It’s that simple.

Considering Carrie has created a network of more than half a million people on social media, and almost a million across the whole network, it’s clear that this approach works!

All things to all people

A year or so ago, I invited Carrie to join me for a podcast. In it she talks of focus, of honing your craft. You can’t play a bit of every instrument in the orchestra at once. As a startup, as someone starting out in their journey it is important to know that you’re not supposed to know everything all at once. We’re all constantly learning and evolving.

Lawrence Jones and Carrie Green entrepreneurs and goal setting

Interviewing She Means Business author and Female Entrepreneur Association founder Carrie Green.

Carrie learned first-hand how to create an online business. She cracked the code of the internet to learn how to leverage the web to create incredible businesses. It’s a fascinating story.

It’s refreshing to read such honesty. Carrie is clear when she openly says that money isn’t enough of a motivator. When she made enough money to be classed as ‘successful’ she says it brought emptiness. This tallies with so many of the business motivational greats like Simon Sinek and Tony Robbins, so it comes as no surprise to discover that she was brought up with these motivational speakers. Her dad was a big fan of personal development and mindset management. When you combine this personal development and mindset with entrepreneurialism there’s no way that you won’t succeed. The two go hand in hand.

Carrie’s focus is on being exactly who you are and not changing. You can be nice in business and you have to be true to your values.

It’s an honest, motivational read that I am sure you’ll enjoy and take a lot away from.

Interestingly, Carrie is due to give birth to her first child any time now so I am sure we’ll hear more insight from her as she embarks on a journey of combining motherhood and entrepreneurialism.

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