24 October 2018

Steve Jobs quote - AppleDo you remember those first iPod adverts? Those ads with incredible design, eye-catching colours and crisp, clear messaging: Apple was the brand to own.

Jobs drove innovation like we’ve never seen – collating everything we needed into one device in our pocket. The seamless experience and stunning design catapulted Apple from a Microsoft rival to a tech giant in its own right.

Yet, today we’re faced with phone models that are bigger or faster than the previous iteration with little other difference. Camera modifications and different colour casings certainly don’t compare to the revolutionary innovations of the earlier iPhones or, really, of some others in the market.

Alongside this dip in innovation, the firm was today fined €10m (£8.8m) in Italy for ‘planned obsolescence’ of their smartphones – slowing older models down through software updates.

Samsung was also fined €5m for this. Apple received the further €5m fine (total €10m) for failing to give their customers clear enough information about lithium batteries. These include their average life expectancy, how to maintain them and replace them in iPhones.

A legacy of innovation

Apple had already faced questions from the US senate about this slowdown. And they had previously acknowledged it had intentionally slowed iPhones with degraded batteries to avoid sudden shutdown problems. However Apple denied it had ever done anything to intentionally shorten the life of a product.

For one of the most well-respected, and biggest, brands in the world to be fined for this is disappointing to say the least. Apple was always known for being cutting edge; a little more expensive but worth it, was the general consensus.

When Steve Jobs passed away, questions were raised about how Apple would continue to be the creative company it had always been. With today’s news and the most recent iPhone launch, I am not sure they’ve been able to continue that legacy.

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