25 October 2018

Office meeting at UKFast - you can achieve whatever you believe you can, it's all about mindset.What is the single most important part of any meeting? The greeting or the content? The handshake? I would argue that for every meeting the most important thing is not actually in the meeting itself.

Imagine: you have an incredibly successful meeting where you make big plans. Once the meeting’s finished, you go your separate ways until the next meetup in the calendar. What mistake have you made here?

The follow up! Sending an email summing up everything you discussed is absolutely essential. People tend to remember different parts of a conversation so while you could focus on one area, someone else is centred on another. To make sure you’re all on the same page, send a summary of the key points that you discussed – it’s so easy to forget what was discussed when you have days, weeks or even months between meetups.

This step is so important in the outcome of any meeting, which is why I’ve put together my tips for making sure that you’re making the most of every single meeting.

Summarise actions

It may sound obvious but knowing that you need to sum up the action list later on ensures that you are clear in the meeting itself as to who needs to complete what.

List outcomes

What did you decide after that debate? What was the outcome of the conversation? Sum up everything that you collectively decided in the meeting. This ensures that you’re all on the same wavelength and pushing toward the same goals. There’s nothing worse than discovering months down the line that you’ve had a miscommunication along the way and you’ve all been pushing in different directions!

Be positive

Make sure that your follow-up message is positive. Reinforce the atmosphere of the meeting. Ultimately, people remember emotion; if you make someone feel happy, confident or the like in a meeting they’re much more likely to remember your catch-up. What feeling do you want to leave them with?

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