31 October 2018

The day started as it always does. The bustling office looked like any other from the outside, apart from the slides snaking their way around the sides of the building. However, inside was a different matter.

Through the doors held a terrifying sight – a crowd of Oompa-Loompas, inflated pumpkins, Alan Partridge zombies, the Baby Shark family and more!

Of course, today is the day that Halloween takes over UKFast Campus. It is the event of the year for Team UKFast. The long-planned team outfits, intricately made costumes and witty puns all see the light of day on 31st October.

What a sight it is driving down the Parkway seeing the team – and many others in Manchester – arriving at work with gaps in their coats betraying tails, ears, sequins, feathers and who knows what!

This year looks bigger than ever. Teams have upped the ante with group themes including The Rocky Horror Picture Show, mermaids, the Spice Girls and intricately made-up skeletons. It’s safe to say that UKFasters never do anything by halves!

UKFast Halloween

You might argue that nothing gets done on these days in the office – in fact, the opposite is true! The energy is so high that people are far more productive despite the distractions of Halloween fun and games.

Gail and I are missing the UKFast Halloween shenanigans this year. We’re currently on our way to the Princess Royal Training Awards, which I will write about tomorrow, no doubt. However, we’re receiving message after message of photographs and videos to keep us in the Halloween loop. It’s always wonderful for us to see. Year after year the outfits get more elaborate, more people get involved and we have more fun. It’s a real marker for us to show just how much our business has grown – it’s remarkable, really.

So, I hope you’re having a spooktacular Halloween today, whatever you’re up to. Share your fancy dress fun in the comments below!

Halloween at UKFastHalloween at UKFastHalloween at UKFastHalloween at UKFastHalloween at UKFastHalloween at UKFast

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