2 November 2018

goal setting and motivationWe’ve all had the fear of missing out from time to time. But what about the fear of missing out on your goals?

All too often we set a goal to achieve by a certain age milestone – by 30 you’ll be married with a home. By 40 you’ll be earning a certain amount and raising a family. By 50 you’ll be retiring.

Then there is the added pressure of social media painting a picture of perfect lives and images to live up to. These time limits along with social media increases the pressure to live a dream life and the expectation of hitting every goal is hugely amplified. There is no wonder people are reporting increased anxiety and stress over not being ‘on track’.

I read an article on the BBC Online recently in which several women described what they call FOMOMG – fear of missing out on goals. Most of us will have heard of FOMO – the fear of missing out. That’s enough pressure on our lifestyles – we can’t attend or experience every single thing. There’s simply not enough time!

Now the fear of missing out on goals is adding further pressure, especially for young people growing up in an increasingly connected and scrutinised world.

Setting goals

Setting goals is hugely important. It’s motivating and keeps us on track. Goals give us somewhere to place our energy and focus. But when you set these timeline goals, which are often out of your own control (like getting married by 30 years old), you put incredible pressure on yourself. In reality, our brains simply don’t understand these deadlines.

I set huge goals that take years to achieve. I may never even hit the target but, in the effort to get there, I have grown far greater than I would have otherwise done.

Be smart with your goals. Recognise when your goal is achievable within a certain deadline and when it’s a point on the horizon to keep striving towards. Set smaller milestones to get you there. And, most importantly, take the time to recognise what you’ve already achieved in your life.

We all live by our own timelines; you’ll get there if you keep working towards it.

Whilst it is great to create a sense of urgency, you have to take that pressure off, or soon you will find that the fear of missing out on your goals becomes the very thing stopping you achieving them.

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