5 November 2018

Lawrence Jones MBE speaking at Dean Trust event at UKFast Campus about goals and motivation.

Speaking at Dean Trust event at UKFast Campus about goals and motivation.

Where are you on the path to achieving your long-term goals? One of the greatest things about writing down your goals is being able to adjust, reassess and track your progress. When you write down what you want to achieve, you’re keeping it front of mind, rather than something you remember now and then.

When you really think about it, a goal is the outcome that you want to achieve. You then need a plan to get there. This plan is the best case scenario – it has to be flexible because you never know what is around the corner.

Change of plan

When we reach November, for me that’s time to switch focus. Now I am looking at what 2019 holds and making a plan. What do I want to achieve both personally and in business?

Once you reach this point in the year, as a leader there’s actually little to you can do to add momentum. You’ve been building and building throughout the year, now’s the time to empower your teams to bring it over the line in these final few weeks.

I will never forget many years ago, one of our sales team had a deal in the pipeline. He’d been pushing to hit target and had been giving it his all in the build up to Xmas to edge closer to his goal. The rest of the team were grumbling that they wouldn’t close anything in the days before Christmas and they were starting to wind down. Instead this chap kept on. Funnily enough, that deal came through right at the end of the day. The customer called, signed the contract and our sales person hit their target. What makes this stick in my memory even more? The customer was called Mr Christmas!

For me, this time of year brings with it the perfect opportunity to take the time to see where we are up to so far. In the New Year, Gail and I always take the time to set our goals and see which we’ve achieved, how can we do that without knowing where the business is up to or taking the time to decide what we want from the coming year?

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