26 November 2018

Lawrence Jones MBE speaking at Dean Trust event at UKFast Campus about goals and motivation.

Speaking at Dean Trust event at UKFast Campus about goals and motivation.

Whilst many people associate Mondays with the Monday blues and being unable to get out of bed, the opposite is also true.

When you really think about it, how many times have you started a new habit on a Monday? Perhaps it’s a new exercise routine, a new wake-up time in a morning or a new strategy at work. Whatever it is, we – often without realising – use Monday as the market of a new start.

So why do so many of us still have the mindset of hating the first day of the week? We see so many memes, t-shirts and novelties with ‘hate Monday’, ‘counting down to the weekend’ and the like. It’s almost a self-perpetuating negativity. It’s just another manic Monday!

There is nothing more contagious than emotions. The phenomenon is known as ‘emotional contagion’ and negativity can spread quickly, influencing other people’s moods. When you think about it, we are constantly reminded that Monday is a bad day. It’s all over popular culture, TV shows, slogan clothing, and we’re brought up hearing how Monday is the worst day of the week. There is little wonder that people need an extra amount of motivation at the start of the week.

Mondays are in fact a huge opportunity. A clean slate.

Kickstart your week

There are so many different ways to kickstart your week in the right way, and different things work for each of us.

Why not set a new goal every Monday for something you’d like to achieve that week? It could be smashing a target, learning a new skill or creating better balance in areas of your life.

If that’s not how you work, how about changing up your routine? If your usual Monday schedule is setting yourself up for a fall, how could you rearrange your day or week to feel better heading through the office doors in the morning? You could take a leaf out of one of my favourite motivational books – Eat That Frog – and do the biggest, most unappealing task of the week first thing on Monday morning. Or you could ease yourself in with something you’re really passionate about.

However you need to find that extra motivation on a Monday, change things up until you find a formula that works.



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