4 December 2018

London Houses of Parliament - Brexit debateToday should mark the start of the Parliament debate leading up to a big Brexit vote, a process that will make history for the United Kingdom and beyond.

The ‘meaningful’ vote is scheduled to begin today, kick-starting a five-day debate. The eight-hour days culminate in a vote next Tuesday evening. That vote should see the uncertainty of Brexit come to a conclusion, in some way at least.

First though, Parliament will now have a vote as to whether the government has broken parliamentary rules in not releasing the full legal advice over the Brexit deal. Six political parties, including Labour and the DUP, are fighting the decision to only release a summary of the advice. It’s a debate that’s been going on all day, when the actual deal should have been on the table by now.

Many are calling this further delay an unnecessary distraction from the matter at hand, whilst others believe that the full legal advice is an essential piece of the puzzle. Are they buying time to launch a leadership challenge?

For me, this is further bickering on a global stage. When the world is looking to us to act with dignity in resolving one of the biggest political changes in modern history, our Parliament is constantly squabbling with one another over the minutiae of the process.

Further distraction?

To add further distraction, the European Court of Justice today issued its ‘non-binding opinion’ that the UK should be able to ‘unilaterally cancel its withdrawal from the EU’.

At this stage there doesn’t seem to be a simple, correct answer for the best outcome for Britain. Should we cancel Brexit altogether and waste the investment already made in the whole process? Or should Parliament continue the vote and back the PM with her deal? Yet, they could also choose to vote against her deal, or even the PM in person, in which case, we’re back to the drawing board again!

You would have hoped that with three months until the Brexit button is pushed we’d be far beyond this point by now. What do you make of it all? Do you think we’ll see something concrete after next Tuesday’s vote?

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