6 December 2018

Friends & Family at UKFast - enjoying the festive season

A few of the UKFast MarComms department embracing the festive season.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! However, this time of year is also undeniably one of the most distracting periods there is. With parties and events seemingly every night of the week, Christmas shopping to think about and not enough time in the day, striving for your professional goals can easily fall by the wayside.

So, how can you beat the festive distraction and ensure you’re productive right up until the new year? Here are three parts of my secret formula for this time of year – share yours in the comments below.

Stick to your routine

It is undoubtedly difficult to squeeze everything into 24 hours with the added commitments of the festive season. However, it’s absolutely essential to stick to your routine as much as possible.

By routine, I don’t necessarily mean a schedule for the day. I mean ensuring that you exercise the same amount of times per week, that you eat regular meals and that you do the things that you know keep you feeling your best. Sometimes that can be as simple as ensuring that you make time for yourself to switch off from the chaos!

It’s all too easy to become swept up in the fun of the season and forget what it is that makes you successful. We all have a magic formula; for me that’s sport, chess, family time and scheduling key appointments. I know that letting this fall into a black hole at any point is a sure-fire way to go off-track with my goals.

Set new goals

Speaking of goals, December is the perfect time to set goals for the year ahead and look back at just how far you’ve come in the past 12 months.

When you set new goals or milestones, you bring renewed energy to whatever you’re working to achieve. It’s incredible how taking a few moments to check in with where you are on your journey can reinvigorate you and bring new focus to your work – even when you’re surrounded by tinsel and Christmas songs!

Embrace it

There’s little point wasting your energy trying to avoid the festive season; instead – embrace it! Have celebrations with your team, take time to spend with your family and enjoy the spirit of the season. Life is ultimately about balance. If you can find the right balance between the fun of Christmas and the need to continue working towards your goals, you’re guaranteed to end the year on a high note.

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