13 December 2018

Lawrence Jones MBE speaking at Dean Trust event at UKFast Campus about goals and motivation.Listening to PMQs in the House of Commons yesterday, many people commented that it’s impossible to plan anything right now with the chaos in government and the Brexit deadline looming. However, I couldn’t disagree more!

This time of year is perfect for putting plans in place and setting new goals. Whilst there may be external factors that could ultimately impact your goals and future, that should never stop you taking control of your own fate.

How can you plan around Brexit? I am sure most people are already prepared for what could come, even though there’s still so much uncertainty. The worst thing that we could do is come to a complete stop.

Politics has been a huge distraction for everyone in the business world for a long time, but that shouldn’t stop you from setting new goals and building your own momentum.

So, where do you start?

Dreams v goals

A dream is something that you want to achieve; an outcome. That could be a holiday home in the Maldives with a yacht, a multi-million-pound business or having a positive impact on the world around you.

A goal is what you need to hit to get there. It’s measurable and it’s focussed. Goals bring the structure that helps you to achieve your dream. Goals have a finish line.

So, think about what you dream to achieve in the year ahead. When you reach 31st December 2019, where do you want to be? Then look at what you need to achieve to get there – those are your goals.

Avoid distraction

Of course, the changes in the political world have a direct impact on the economy and the businesses driving it. However, despite Brexit, research shows that 96% of UK businesses are positive about growth.

When you focus on how you can strengthen your business, how you can add to your own skillset or how you can grow both personally and professionally, you will weather any storm that comes along. No one knows what is around the corner or over the next hill. What we do know is what it takes for our businesses or ourselves to be in the best possible position, whatever that may be.

Get excited!

There is no point in setting a goal if you are not passionate about it! When the inevitable moment comes where you find yourself off-track, lacking motivation and wanting to give up, it is passion that will get you through. It’s that simple.

So, as you look to set your new goals and plan for the year ahead, get excited about them! What really gives you energy when you speak about it? Which dreams or goals make your eyes light up when you speak about them?

Ultimately, when you set your goals, it’s so important to dream big. I’ve learned this first hand. If you dream big, set awesome goals and get excited about them, you will go far further.

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