20 December 2018

Friends & Family at UKFast - Christmas celebrationAlthough the usual conversation at this time of year revolves around people winding down for the Christmas break, it’s quite the opposite in my experience.

This time of year is filled with opportunities and whilst others may be winding down, you have the opportunity to maintain your momentum. This is great for business but certainly makes switching off to enjoy the break with the family all the more difficult. How do you switch off being so passionate about something?

As we come to the end of the final working week before the holiday season, here are four of my tips to switch off for Christmas.

List your priorities

Make a list prioritising the things that you need to complete before you leave the office on Christmas Eve. Not only will this take them from swirling around your brain and put them on to paper, it will also keep you focussed. There are inevitable distractions at this time of year. When you have a clear focus you’re far more likely to stay on track and complete the most important tasks.

Prepare for the new year

The last thing you need come January 2nd in the office is a surprise deadline or task. Plan your week back to work – what is happening that week? What’s your priority?

There’s nothing worse than uncertainty for causing a distraction from your work before the break and from enjoying the holidays. Create your own certainty by planning every aspect of your first week back in the office.

Take some screen-free time

Do you want to spend Christmas dinner with your phone on the table constantly buzzing and lighting up?
Make a change now! Take some time away from screens, from emails, from notifications.

Setting boundaries for how much time you spend on your devices is great practice for having a healthier balance.

Set your goals

Instead of dreading the return to work, and spending the last few days of the holidays with the blues, set some exciting goals. What do you want to achieve in January? What do you want to achieve in 2019?
Set a few short-term goals to keep you motivated at the start of the year. Why not plan a reward for yourself if you hit that goal too?

Ultimately, you know what works for you when it comes to switching off. How you switch off isn’t important, what’s important is making sure that you do take time out. Switch off for Christmas, enjoy the festivities and start the new year refreshed and raring to go!

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