26 December 2018

The Naked Scientists, Dr Chris Smith

Dr Chris Smith recording the latest episode of Mind Your Own Business.

If you’re looking for a good listen while you’re enjoying Boxing Day, the latest episode of my podcast Mind Your Own Business definitely sparks some food for thought.

In this episode I chat with Dr Chris Smith, the man behind the extraordinarily successful The Naked Scientists podcast series which syndicates globally, reaching audiences of more than a million people worldwide each week. It is one of the world’s most popular science shows with more than 50 million downloads to date.

Chatting to Dr Chris about the podcast and The Naked Scientists’ journey, it’s clear that this is someone who is more than passionate about what he does every day. I think it’s that clear passion that injects so much energy into the show and subject matter.

Chris is a long-term friend. I’ve supported The Naked Scientists through UKFast since 2006 or so. I am incredibly proud that we support this team. The work they do is extraordinary – can you think of anywhere else to hear real science conversations in the mainstream media?

When we’re experiencing a huge skills gap in STEM industries, and flat-lining numbers of students continuing their studies in STEM subjects, the more that can be done to put science and technology on the map, the better!

We see first-hand the struggles to engage young people and retrain experienced workers in STEM subjects. Shows like this are the perfect way to spark the interest in listeners to do just this.
Listen to the latest episode and let me know what you think.

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