4 January 2019

House Hopper - UKFast Houses

The winners of the House Cup 2018 – House Hopper!

What do Tim Berners-Lee, Admiral Grace Hopper, Ada Lovelace and Alan Turing all have in common? They’re all founders of modern computing, and they’re all names of the very first UKFast Houses.

Earlier in the year we launched our new Houses, just like in school (and Harry Potter, of course!). And just before Christmas, we celebrated the winners of the first House Cup – House Hopper!

It might sound like a fairly silly idea, creating school houses in a fast-growing business. In fact, we’ve seen just how incredible a bit of competition and camaraderie can be. As soon as we announced the Houses, teams started chat groups, email chains and catch ups to find out who was in each house, and who would take part in each challenge. Unfortunately my house, House Lovelace, came last despite winning the netball tournament!

Throughout the year, we’ve held various competitions to win House points, from football and netball to the Great UKFast Bake Off. We also award points for volunteering days and making a donation to our Christmas toy campaign with Wood Street Mission.

The House Cup 2019

Canvassing the team to hear their ideas for competitions and activities for the 2019 House Cup has already come up with some incredible ideas – everything from technical challenges to points for taking part in charity races.

As the business grows and we spread over multiple floors, and now over multiple buildings, it becomes harder for teams to get to know one another. One of the greatest parts of UKFast is that we’re a family here. The Houses are a perfect opportunity for people from across multiple departments to get to know one another. We’re all able to connect with team members that we would never normally interact with in our day-to-day roles.

Whilst many traditional corporates may raise their eyebrows at our unusual office and initiatives like the Houses, it actually makes perfect sense. The happier a team are, the better they are at their jobs, the more productive they are and the more they enjoy being a part of the overall business journey.

UKFast Houses

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