8 January 2019

Centre for excellence in wellbeing at UKFast Today I received the news that UKFast is now a recognised Centre of Excellence in Wellbeing.

The accreditation, by Great Place to Work®, recognises businesses that underpin wellbeing in six key areas: wellbeing, financial security, mental and physical health, relationships, work-life balance and fulfilment.

So what does wellbeing in the workplace actually mean?

For me, it’s far more than having a few novelty perks like fitness or fruit. Whilst these are great to have, do they alone have an impact on holistic wellbeing?

In my eyes, looking after a team’s wellbeing means making their lives as simple and stress-free as possible, helping them to lead healthier, happier lifestyles. That’s why alongside the gym and fitness classes, we also provide private health care.

It’s also why we have such a focus on being a family. My goal is for the team to be as comfortable here as they are at home. We see a measure of that as how many people walk around in their socks! It’s also being able to bring your dog to work so you’re not worrying about rushing home to walk them. Or bringing your child in for a few hours (or days!) if childcare falls through.

Beneath the surface

Wellbeing is about being trusted to manage your own time. No one wants to be micromanaged. You should be able to pop to the gym or sleeping pods as and when you need. And to have the flexibility to cope with the curve balls that life inevitably throws our way.

This is a significant achievement, one that you can rightly be proud of. As wellbeing is a key element of an organisation’s culture, it tells current and future employees that this is something you take seriously and are committed to creating the best environment you can for the people around you.

In a world where burnout is becoming the norm and we’re constantly connected to one screen or another it’s absolutely essential that businesses start to take responsibility for the wellbeing of the people within.

I am proud that we’ve received this accreditation. More importantly though, is that fact that this accreditation now exists and that people are starting to realise the real value of truly looking after those around you.

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