16 January 2019

Lawrence Jones MBE Playing Piano

Playing the piano has always been my greatest passion. It was incredibly hard to walk away from to the take a new step.

This week I have talked a lot about reform. In my latest podcast I share a few stories of the times in my life when I have learned that change, reform, is necessary.

I remember reaching a point when I knew that the internet was the way forward, not music. Whilst I didn’t have the same kind of push as losing a job, for example, it was just as hard, arguably harder.

Having to leave something behind that you’re incredibly passionate about is never easy. Dismantling and selling my music equipment, mixing desks, instruments is still painful to look back on. I didn’t make it as a professional songwriter. In a funny way my goal was always to grow something to help others. I was so set on the fact that that was going to be through music. However, I am now doing that through technology instead.

Yet, as I talk of stepping stones, it is worth noting how it comes full circle. I am now setting up a recording studio in the new building of UKFast Campus and spending time writing and recording music once again.

The best is yet to come

It can seem like a real negative backward step when you lose a job or when things go wrong. I’ve learned, however, that these can be the greatest of stepping stones. You just have to believe that, whilst it’s a cliché, the best is yet to come.

Of course, these steps rarely make sense at the time, it can feel like your world is ending and the positive can be hard to see, but looking back on them it is clear. These pivotal moments teach us resilience, strength and really test our passion and focus. Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor, as they say.

That being said, I am sure Theresa May is struggling to see how last night’s events can be seen as a stepping stone. Who knows what is to come there!

However reforming and rebounding from setbacks ultimately all comes down to resilience, persistence and patience. Have faith that despite a setback, you can come out of it bigger and better in the end. You can’t plant a seed and expect a tree the next day.

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