18 January 2019

goal setting, feeling creative, and motivation

Nothing beats a walk in the mountains to clear the mind and spark a bit of creativity.

Feeling a creative block? With the grey skies of winter and festivities over it would be easy to hit a creative wall. Sometimes the ideas just dry up and you put increasing amounts of pressure on yourself to come up with the perfect idea at the perfect time.

So how do you find that creative spark once again? Whilst I may be an entrepreneur, at heart I am a creative, a musician. Inevitably, there are times when inspiration simply doesn’t strike. So how do you get out of that rut? Here are some of my go-to techniques:

Get active

The number one trick to get creativity flowing, for me, is exercise. It’s an opportunity to switch my brain from day-to-day activities, and focus my mind on one thing at one time. Playing squash, running, training, whatever it is, being active is the first port of call for inspiration.
It’s almost guaranteed to make you feel better, more confident and more inspired when you get the blood rushing around your body and you feel the endorphins after a good workout.

Find inspiration

It’s remarkable what a change of scenery can do! No-one can be an endless idea machine when they are sitting looking at the same screen, within the same four walls, all day every day.

When I feel like that I go out, take a walk. Get back to nature! A walk in the mountains is my go-to response when I feel like I’ve hit a wall. There’s just something about the fresh air, whatever the weather.

If you can’t leave your physical position, find inspiration elsewhere. The internet is filled with endless information. Find your go-to site to spark ideas, or go somewhere new. Find a publication you wouldn’t normally read, search out people you aspire to be like.

Finally, most of us are surrounded by fascinating, inspiring people. There’s little that can beat having a chat with the people around me. Talk about your creative block, chat through your ideas, or just chat. We live in a world full of inspiration, we just need to look for it!

Do something different

When we do something new, our brains make new connections. We literally rewire our brains when we do something new.

I always find myself the most inspired when I am on holiday, in new surroundings, with new people, new smells, new experiences. Whilst we can’t always just hop onto a plane and go somewhere new, you can try something new. Even just a new flavour of food or drink, reading a book you wouldn’t normally read, can light that spark of creativity.

Take time out

Whilst exercise is a great way to switch your focus, sometimes you need to switch off completely! Taking time out to read a book, to play chess or listen to some music can be exactly what’s needed to get your brain back into that creative flow.

It’s incredible how a quiet moment can suddenly fill your mind with new ideas and concepts.
Have you ever noticed that your best ideas happen when you’re in the shower? When you’re relaxed and stop thinking about the problem, often the solution becomes clear.

Just get started!

Finally, if none of the other things work, just get started! If you’re struggling to find a new idea, scribble down every idea that pops into your head, good or bad. If you’re struggling to write a song, play anything and everything you want to.

Creativity often strikes when we take the pressure off having to produce something perfect and get started first. I often find this is the best way to tackle a creative task. Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress.

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