28 January 2019

Lawrence Jones walking in the mountains - mindset, belief, motivationI recently saw a list of things that “intelligent people say every day” doing the rounds on social media. Whilst the list was fascinating, I did notice that many of the phrases included the word ‘will’.

It’s a subtle distinction but I believe that when you remove the ‘will’ or ‘can’, and make the action active, it switches something in your brain. No longer is it, “I will become successful,” it’s, “I am successful”.

For me, if you are going to do something or be something; do it, be it! Why say you will do something, why not do it already?

Muhammad Ali is famous for taking this into his own hands. He said that he was the greatest long before he actually was. He chose to name himself as such rather than waiting for someone else to give him the title. This meant he was able to believe it and, sure enough, become it.

Language ties intricately into our thoughts and emotions, and our beliefs. This is clear when you look at the popularity and importance of repeating mantras to help change mindset or even improve mental challenges. When you consider the impact that these words have on us, that language, those mantras, have to be worded in the most powerful way possible. There’s no room for ‘will’ or ‘can’!

With that in mind, and in an ode to the article that inspired this post, here are the statements that I believe successful people say.

I am the best!

Humility is incredibly important, it makes you a better leader and person. However, when you are aiming to be at the top of your game, you simply have to believe that you are the absolute best in your field – whether that’s in sport, in business or elsewhere.

Just as Muhammad Ali told the world and himself that he was the greatest of all time, telling yourself that you are the best at what you do helps you to get there. Believe in yourself!

I am learning

In nature, you’re either growing or you’re dying, and the same applies to human beings. There is nothing like continually evolving and improving, particularly in business. To be at the top of your game, you have to evolve.

Knowing that you are constantly learning also keeps your motivation intact when the inevitable mistakes happen. You know that these are an opportunity to learn, rather than a chance to berate yourself or regret your choices.

I am ready!

You never know what is around the corner or over the next hill. Uncertainty is the single biggest killer of productivity and motivation. However, if you believe that you are ready for whatever comes around that corner, you are significantly more likely to take that road positively and confidently.

Equally, it’s all too easy to fall into the procrastination trap, to let perfection get in the way of progress. How often do we hear that there is no good time? I’ve always found that the best way to be successful in something is just to start doing it! Forget, ‘I will be ready’ – you are ready now!

Ultimately when you believe that you are something – strong, focussed, the greatest of all time – there’s little that can stop you becoming it.
What are the mantras or sayings that help you to stay motivated or have contributed to your success?

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