1 February 2019

UKFast Campus from ParkwayDo you ever have an idea that is just so big everyone around you shakes their head and dismisses it immediately?

There are two types of people in the world, the dreamers and the others! For the dreamers, these huge, monumental ideas seem like run-of-the-mill plans. They simply can’t see what there is to stop them going for it. It would be fair to say that I am in that group.

For the others, there are the barriers, the limits. Some might say that this is being a realist. For me, these are limiting beliefs. If all you see are the obstacles and challenges, you won’t get very far.

I remember, almost 20 years ago, saying to my now mother-in-law, June, that I was going to create a business on the internet. I didn’t know anything about coding, nor did June. Yet she told me that she thought I would be great at it, whatever it was! All I knew was that I was going to help people to achieve their own dreams. We’d do that using this incredible technology called the World Wide Web. We’d put people and great service first.

Whilst others questioned my approach, wondering if it was a good idea when the internet was very much in its infancy in the UK, I knew this was a dream that Gail and I could achieve. Even as a big dreamers, back then, would I have imagined that today we would be announcing the UKFast Group – probably not!


Over the years, we’ve continued to innovate and grow UKFast. In doing that we’ve seen so many off-shoots and sister companies arise. These each add an extra level of support or service for UKFast clients. Last year, we launched ClearCloud. Seeing how clients were increasingly looking for multi-cloud strategies, our investment in ClearCloud was timely. Adding support for AWS and Azure public cloud delivered through ClearCloud helps us to support customers who want to spread workloads across multiple providers.

The company had a phenomenal start, adding 11 new customers in just its first quarter. Now ClearCloud becomes a part of the wider UKFast Group, giving us the ability to facilitate these multicloud needs for our client base.

The Group announcements also sees UKFast Public Sector join the UKFast Group. As it says on the tin, this part of the business centres on delivering service and technology excellence to the public sector. Clients include the MoD and the Cabinet Office. It’s a great honour to provide services for our public sector; it’s one of the fastest growing areas of the business.

In tough market conditions, as we’re seeing with continued Brexit uncertainty, it’s at these times that businesses look to their key suppliers for cost savings and efficiencies. With our continued and increased focus on research and development over the past few years, as a Group we’re well placed to help our clients increase their productivity and accelerate their sales online.

Looking back all those years ago, when we were offering hosting space on a shared server, it is astonishing to think of just how far we, and the industry as a whole, have come. I am excited to see where the next two decades take UKFast!

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