5 February 2019

On the tech floor at UKFast - working week - cybersecurity and speed on the internet

Some of the incredible team at UKFast helping to secure the internet for businesses across the world.

Would you know a fraudulent email from a genuine message? Could you spot an advert hiding malware? The tools that cybercriminals use to trick people into giving away their personal data are becoming increasingly sophisticated and harder to spot.

Cyber threats are becoming bigger, more frequent and more intelligent. So, what can you do to protect yourself? Today is Safer Internet Day. The day’s aimed at raising awareness of the threats out there and how you can stay safe. It’s the perfect opportunity to share some content and advice from UKFast and from our cybersecurity business, Secarma.

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Held to Ransom

Whilst ransomware – malware that locks people out of their data until a ransom is paid – continues to roll on as a mainstream cyber-attack, we’re also seeing a rise in pretend ransomware. How does this work? Late last year we saw a significant rise in the number of faked ransomware emails. The emails told people that they’d been hacked, demanding money to give the user access to their data again. All the reward with none of the work for the cybercriminals!

The team at UKFast put together this post with the latest information and how you can protect yourself and your business.

Did you know?

We should all know the importance of strong passwords and the basics of how to spot a fake email, but what about the more unusual routes for attackers?

The team of ethical hackers and cybersecurity experts at Secarma put together this post about the often overlooked routes that can lead to a cyber-breach. What’s a physical cyber-attack, for example?

What’s to come?

It’s perfectly natural to feel concerned about security online. That’s what drives us to put the steps into place to protect both our own and our business data.

Ultimately, we never know what’s around the corner but we can prepare ourselves in the best way possible. The team at UKFast is running a webinar tomorrow, with a panel of experts predicting what’s to come in cybersecurity in the year ahead. Register for free and tune in to learn more about what’s to come in 2019.

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