7 February 2019

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Take the time to talk, to check in with those around you.

Think about it, when was the last time you checked in on a teammate?

I mean really checked in.

Are they disengaged, switched off, tired, making mistakes or working longer hours? It’s never as simple as not being ‘good’ at a job, there’s often something going on in their personal life that’s causing challenges within the workplace. This could be a mental health struggle.

Or are they the same as they always are? No different. Cracking on with their work, delivering the usual results and performance. Sometimes the people who seem perfectly fine are those hiding challenges beneath the surface. I think we’re all guilty of assuming that someone is ok because they seem it at first glance.

There’s no magic formula to recognise those in need, so why not take the time to chat with those around you? That’s the only way to know how someone is!

I must extend a huge thank you to Mind Manchester. Their team came to UKFast Campus last week to train 16 UKFasters on how to recognise and help people who are in need of extra support. The two-day course taught these 16 mental health champions how best to encourage those around them to talk and how we, as a business and extended family, can help in the most effective way.

Breaking the taboo

The training also brought another opportunity to show everyone in the wider UKFast team that mental health isn’t a taboo. It’s part of modern life. It’s something we must all support one another with.

Mental health problems affect one in four of us. I am not ashamed to say that after my avalanche accident in 2001, I had some real challenges too. It’s painful to think that the stigma that still exists around mental health is stopping people from reaching out for help and support in the workplace. We spend so much time at work, no one should be silently suffering with mental health challenges, feeling that they are unable to speak up.

So, days like today, Time to Talk Day, are an opportunity to show the people around you that it is ok to talk. In fact, it’s great to talk!

Having mental health champions, who people can trust with personal conversations like those around mental health are just one way that we can support those around us in the workplace.

Take the opportunity today to reach out to those around you and see how they are doing.

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