11 February 2019

Lawrence Jones MBE - entrepreneur

Is your plan in place or will you find yourself lost in the desert?

Are you an entrepreneur or a wantrepreneur?

Far too often, so many people who have entrepreneurial dreams spend so much time talking about what they want to do, they never actually get around to doing it!

You may have a vision of what being an entrepreneur looks like and what it will mean for you, but what does it take to get there?


Why do you want to be an entrepreneur? If the reason is because you want to be an entrepreneur, you will fail. It is that simple. If you want to grow businesses because you want to make a difference in the world, you want a legacy for your family, you want to solve a problem; you are far more likely to find success and become an entrepreneur by default.

Having the right motivation has to be the first step to being an entrepreneur. If you don’t know why you’re doing something, you’ll soon find yourself cast adrift.


Instagram and social media paint a glamorous picture of the life of an entrepreneur. The reality is far removed from the private jets and luxury living. In those early days of setting up a business, it takes hard work and real sacrifice. As we built UKFast, Gail and I would share a minimum wage salary and could barely pay the mortgage. We would pass on the way in and out of the office, with little time to spare outside of what the business needed.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, what are you willing to sacrifice to get there? It’s not enough to just want it.

Get on with it

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started,” said Mark Twain.

Will spending time in long meetings and talking yourself in circles really help you to achieve your goals? No! Entrepreneurs are doers. As Nike says, just do it!

Stop talking around it, stop showing people that you’re an entrepreneur and get on with it.

Building a business doesn’t happen overnight, it takes perseverance, effort and huge amounts of motivation to keep pushing toward the horizon. There’s no time to waste.

A plan

A goal without a plan is just a dream. When you break a dream down into action points and schedule them in, you’re far more likely to achieve it.

How will you become an entrepreneur? How will you grow your business(es)? What will it take to get there? Set your goal – what you want to achieve and why. Your plan is your roadmap to where you want to be. It means you are pushing in the right direction, and staying on track.

When you come across challenges or bumps in the road, having a plan reminds you where you’re heading. There is no doubt in my mind that having this roadmap to refer back is an absolutely essential ingredient of any success story.

Ultimately, without a plan, your dream is just that, a dream. Make it reality!

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