25 February 2019

Meeting at UKFast - are you procrastinating?

Meetings can become the perfect way to procrastinate instead of getting on with what will actually lead you to achieving your goals.

It’s all too easy to stop.

When you have hit a stumbling block or barrier, often you pause. But these pauses can become your downfall, by quickly turning into full stops. It is so much harder to build momentum from a stationary position than it is from even the slightest movement.

Equally, I am sure that we’re all guilty of pausing to celebrate when we have a moment’s success. It’s only natural. The problem comes when you let that pause turn into complacency and start resting on your laurels.

So how do you maintain momentum? It’s not easy! However, this is where passion comes into it. When you’re truly passionate about something, you physically can’t take your foot off the gas! When your heart is really in your work, you will give it all you’ve got regardless of the achievements or challenges you encounter along the way.

Olivia Colman is a prime example of this. The now Oscar-winning actress has had an extraordinary career but one that’s not been without its challenges. Just ten years or so ago, she considered giving up acting after work dried up and she wasn’t being offered any roles. She looked into midwifery. Yet the passion for her career carried her through. She had the same experience in the early days of her career, when she and her husband would have to search the couch cushions for change to buy a potato to share for dinner. And yet they persevered.

Last night, Olivia was named best actress at the Oscars. The most prestigious prize an actor can be given.

Keep moving!

Ultimately, it all comes down to avoiding procrastination. Obstacles and success give you a reason to take your eye of the end goal. This is the single most dangerous thing you can do when trying to achieve a positive outcome!

The only way that you can keep moving forward is by keeping moving. It’s that simple. Some days you may make huge strides toward success. Other days, you may feel like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back, but you’re still moving forward.

It’s a rare day when the sun is out in Manchester, and certainly one to make the most of. Isn’t it remarkable how a little bit of sunshine can give you a new lease of life? Rather than letting it be another excuse to pause, why not make the most of that energy and channel it into achieving your goals and keeping moving!

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