1 March 2019

TED X Andrew Peek - belief and mindsetWhat’s your story?

We all have our own tale to tell. Mine could be of a boy born in Denbigh, North Wales, who moved to Manchester to find his way in the world, with no qualifications and repeatedly told he wouldn’t make it anywhere. Now there are a hundred different stories I could tell.

I watched a TED Talk recently by serial entrepreneur Andrew Peek. Peek describes how we’re all master story tellers, and our favourite story to tell is our own.

But is that story holding us back? In his talk, Peek describes how the further we are into a story, the less likely we are to want to rewrite it. We stick to the script; we stay on the path.
Peek was a drug dealer, a trouble causer, until a judge gave him the opportunity to change his story. No longer was he on that path to self-destruction, limited by the belief that that was his ‘destiny’.

Often we limit ourselves based on what we believe our stories are. Have you ever turned down an opportunity because it didn’t fit with who you were there and then? How could your story have changed if you took that opportunity?

Limiting beliefs

We all have limiting beliefs. How many times have you heard yourself say, ‘I could never do that’ to something you’d have loved to do but believed you couldn’t? What if you switched it up and said, ‘I’d love to try that’?

These limiting beliefs stop us from reaching our full potential. These beliefs are one the most dangerous things when it comes to your success, and your story can easily perpetuate the limits that you enforce upon yourself.

Your story could be a goal. It could be that you are the person aiming for that certain point in the horizon, that’s the end of your story and that’s where you are aiming for. But what if that needed to change? Would you limit yourself to that singular goal because it has become such a cemented part of your story of your identity? It’s all too easy to become stuck in what should be, rather than what could be!

Change your narrative, don’t let it confine you.

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