18 March 2019

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Culture is more than perks, it’s about how you and your management team make the people around you feel. 

Who is the number one performer in your team? The person with the greatest skillset? We often place value upon these traits and outcomes above all else.

But what if they are actually driving a problem within the team? Motivational speaker and entrepreneur Gary Vee recently shared a video that I came across on LinkedIn where has asks whether you may need to fire your top employee.

Why would that be, if they are delivering the greatest results or have the greatest knowledge? It comes down to culture.

We often talk about culture. And all too often the conversations about culture are tied in with workplace perks like ping-pong tables or free snacks. Vee rightly points out that this isn’t what culture truly is.

What is culture?

Culture is how you treat people. It’s how they feel about you and the business; how you make them feel. This is the single most important part of running any business. Your team are by far your greatest asset and without them being happy, engaged and motivated you have nothing.

Do you think that someone who is not happy can deliver great service and represent your brand well? It’s impossible!

The absolute opposite happens. We’ve seen it first-hand. When someone is disengaged, unhappy or doesn’t fit your business values, they have an often irreparable impact on those around them. As are the leaders who don’t put people first. People quickly feel uncomfortable asking questions that they need answering to be able to do their job; they’re afraid of making mistakes. Innovation grinds to a halt.

Spreading the plague!

I remember hiring a leader some years ago who was so focussed on delivering end results, they completely overlooked the team around them. It’s worth remembering that managers and business leaders work for the team they manage. I often laugh when people say that I work for myself, the opposite is in fact true, I work for 400 people in the UKFast team!
Ultimately, negativity spreads. It’s like a plague.

So, as Vee suggests, take a look around your teams. Who are the people who aren’t using the emotional intelligence that your business needs? Who is creating bad energy? Even if they are your top performers, it may be time for a chat with them. Firing them may be an extreme measure, instead there may be opportunities in other roles or areas of the business that they’d be far better placed for.

Watch the video below and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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