19 March 2019

UKFast apprenticeshipIt’s about time we saw some positive news about the economy, instead of hearing the constant doom and gloom of Brexit.

I was heartened to read that employment in the UK has risen again. According to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS)  unemployment fell by 35,000 between November and January. This sent the overall employment rate to 76.1% – a record high. The research showed that earnings are up too.

At UKFast we announced the creation of 300 jobs as we secured a deal to expand into a further plot of land in Hulme. This, though, is just one step into a really exciting stage.

Whilst the announcement of the stats is incredibly positive, there are people warning that the jobs market does lag behind the rest of the economy, so these positive numbers may not give a true reflection of the current and future state of play.

Whatever the case here, there is more damage being done by the indecision of Brexit. We just need to get on with it!

There were signals of a downturn at the time of the initial referendum vote back in 2016. Then, once the outcome was decided, people and businesses started to push the button again and everything settled. That’s what we need to happen now.

Brexit looming

If there’s a no deal, at least we know what we’re dealing with to some extent. We can begin negotiating and planning. At the moment businesses can’t properly plan for what’s to come because no one knows what Brexit will mean. Are we in or out? Will there be another vote or not?

This uncertainty is the prime time when consumers and businesses tighten the purse strings and act with huge amounts of caution, quite rightly. We need to remove that uncertainty as quickly as possible to continue moving positively with a growing economy.

It’s a fantastic sign that employment is high, but there is so much more to be done. If we’re seeing record employment in the current conditions, imagine where we could be if Brexit had been sorted long before next week’s deadline!

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