1 April 2019

Lawrence Jones MBE Mind Your Own Business podcast

In the studio – indulging my first passion, music.

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’.”

The much-used Audrey Hepburn quote has become almost cliché these days but it has real value.

When you sow a seed, set a goal, quite often something incredible comes from it. Whether it’s the ‘Power of Intention’ I don’t know, but there really is magic in sowing that first seed.

This week we launched a podcast with one of the most controversial characters in the world, and arguably the other most spoken about politician in the world at the moment. Theresa May and Donald Trump. Are there two more in-demand people right now? With America’s controversies and Brexit both high on the news agenda, the interviews proved quite the coup!

Whilst this may have been an April Fool episode (did we fool you?!), I did say that I would one day have the biggest names in the world on our podcast!

The commitment the team put in to deliver this episode was incredible and Jamie, who gets a little bit of stick in the podcast itself, did a remarkable job on the edit.

What’s possible when you try

One of the team’s Instagram posts documenting our efforts to bring the April Fool’s podcast together.

The podcast is of course a tongue-in-cheek example but, on a serious note, you never know what’s possible unless you try. I am quite certain we’d struggle to interview the real Donald Trump anytime soon, yet here he is featuring on our podcast. More often than not, you set a goal with a certain path in mind. However, if you become more flexible with the journey to achieve your goal, you’re more likely to achieve it!

There have been so many examples of this in both my personal and professional lives, it would take too long to reel them all off. The greatest example in my life is in where I am right now. My goal in life has always been to follow my passion, to do what I love. As a young man if you’d have told me that I would find that passion being a tech entrepreneur, I’d have laughed at you. I was a musician, a sportsman, whilst I still am, that’s not how I’ve hit my goal. And I could never have imagined another route to success.

Whilst it is incredibly important to have a path (a MAP as Tony Robbins would call it), if you open your mind to alternative routes – to those other opportunities, to change – you’re far more likely to reach your goal, and to reach it quicker.

In the meantime, listen in to today’s podcast, and let me know if we fooled you with it this morning, in the comments below.

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