10 April 2019

Andy Grant and Lawrence Jones MBE - mindset and motivationI recently had a chat with the most extraordinary person: Andy Grant.

In the podcast episode that we recorded recently, Andy talks about motivation, mindset and breaking records; about life as a Royal Marine and about recovery.

While he was in the Marines, he toured Afghanistan. It’s an experience that he describes . The leader of the patrol hit a tripwire that was attached to two bombs, blowing him forward and Andy back. In that split second, Andy suffered 27 injuries. His right leg was catastrophically damaged.

Mind Over Body

The team on the ground saved his life. Whilst he faced an intense recovery, he survived, with his right leg. However, the severity of his injuries meant he’d never return to the previous level of fitness that he had as a Royal Marine. He made the call to amputate the leg below the knee.

Ironically to leave a suitable stump that would enable him to walk and run again, the surgeon had to remove the last line of his Liverpool Football Club tattoo. In a twist of some would say cruel irony, his tattoo now read: You’ll Never Walk.

Andy sees this as a dose of ‘commando humour’. This, I believe, is testament to his incredible mindset.

His story is astounding to hear. Andy takes ‘adapt and overcome’ to new heights. He won a medal in the Invictus Games, ran a half marathon, and set his sights on breaking the World Record for the fastest single-leg amputee running a 10km – running a six-minute mile. Now, he is also a motivational speaker and shares his story to inspire people to take control of the ‘controllables’ and shift focus away from the ‘what ifs’ of life.

Listen to his story on the latest episode of the Mind Your Own Business podcast. I’d love to hear your thoughts and inspirational experiences, share them in the comments below.


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