11 April 2019

Lawrence Jones MBE - Thought of the Day - BrexitIt seems somewhat ironic that the new Brexit deadline is 31st October, Halloween, don’t you think? The night that the Brexit ghouls resurface and No Deal will once again loom.

In its simplest terms, this extension is just delaying the potential threat of No Deal for six months or so, with uncertainty looming over our heads for the foreseeable future.

Yes, the Prime Minister is in an unenviable position. I cannot imagine taking on that job; there is literally no way to win. Whichever path she chooses for Britain, a huge swathe of the country will be disgruntled. That’s before you factor in the personal and party politics in Parliament too.

It is embarrassing for Donald Tusk to stress to our country’s leaders: “Please don’t waste this time.” Yet, it’s completely understandable when you consider that, from the outside looking in, it seems that the almost three years since the initial referendum, little has been done to come up with a solution for Britain to leave the EU. Perhaps there’s a bigger picture that we’re not privy to yet? I truly hope so!


Whilst the flexible extension takes us up until Halloween, May has said she’d like for us to leave the Union before then, so really we’re actually none the wiser!

So what now? We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one side, Parliament are in a deadlock and even after more than a dozen indicative votes, we don’t have any idea of what they’d agree on for an exit deal, other than not passing May’s proposal. On the other side, The EU are refusing to reopen withdrawal agreement negotiations. It’s frustrating to say the least.

For the new deadline to be Halloween is something you just couldn’t make up! As if we’ve not been haunted by Brexit enough already, we’re now looking at six months more.

All we can do now is buckle up. We don’t know the destination, or how we’re going to get there, but I do know that storms don’t last forever. Yes, it is disconcerting to see businesses moving out of the UK and the High Street struggling so much, but we need to do our level best to commit to creating a better future for the country, regardless of the Brexit outcome.

See you out there.

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