12 April 2019

Meeting at UKFast - are you procrastinating?Do you ever get to Friday and instead of winding down for the weekend, it’s chaos?

With one working day left it can easily become the most stressful day of the week, with that stress carrying over into the weekend.

So, how do you find balance? How do you get ready for the week ahead whilst still being able to switch off for the weekend?

Get organised

There are only so many things that you can control, so make the most of those! Schedule in the areas of your work that you know you can control. Look at the priorities for the day, or week, and plot out your time.

I often look at the top five things that I must complete that day, and book time in the diary to complete them. It’s absolutely essential to plot time around these though for the inevitable last minute things that crop up and need your immediate attention.

Step back

Sometimes we get so caught up in our to-do list and it becomes easy to lose perspective. Often it is incredibly valuable to pause, step back and think about what the real priorities are. What are the jobs that urgently need doing? Which tasks can go onto the back burner? Which should you do today, which can you schedule in for next week?

Write down your list and schedule each task in so that you know that each task is not just looming over your head, it’s got a time in your diary.

Say no

Do you say ‘no’ enough? If I am honest, this is something that I can struggle with. If someone needs help or support, I will put my own to-do list to one side to support them. However sometimes, when you’re asked to do something and are feeling the pressure yourself, you can say no. You can guide the person as to how to complete the task themselves, or you can say ‘not right now’. It is better to say no than to overstretch yourself and let them down.

Ask for help

If in doubt, ask for help! It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help if you are feeling overstretched or under pressure. It’s more a sign of strength! Don’t suffer in silence, ask for support. Sometimes a quick chat is all it takes to work out what it is that’s stressing you out and how you can tackle it.

Ultimately, we all have moments in our lives when we feel the pressure mounting. It is at these times that it is so important to take the opportunity at the weekend to switch off and have fun. Life is all about balance. If you don’t find that balance, you’ll very quickly burn out.

So have a fantastic Friday and take the time to have some fun this weekend!

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