15 April 2019

Golf - Tiger Woods - motivationWhen the odds are against you and it feels as though you’re meeting roadblock after roadblock, it’s easy to become demotivated, disillusioned, and give up.

Back in 2009, it seemed that there were just too many roadblocks in the way of Tiger Woods returning to the heights of golfing success he’d enjoyed for so many years previously.

Marred by scandal in his personal life, a very public car crash, rehab and divorce, it was a spectacular fall from grace. The years since have seen him have spinal surgery and make a remarkable recovery. Yesterday he won the 2019 Masters at Augusta to claim his 15th Major title – nearly 11 years after his 14th!

It’s an absolutely extraordinary tale of persistence, resilience and tenacity, that has seen the 43-year-old prove wrong those who had written him off.

Coming up against obstacles, falling from grace and slipping right back down to the bottom can destroy motivation or it can create it. It’s a choice.

Snakes and Ladders

Throughout my life, I have described ‘snakes and ladders moments’. It’s a phrase coined by my father. I’d do well and build something for myself, then reach a certain level and suffer a setback of some sort, sliding right back to the start again, like the snakes and ladders game.

At those moments, it truly is a choice. Give up and accept that it’s just too hard, the odds are too high. Or, keeping going. Get back up, dust yourself off, and carry on. For me, there is no choice, I have to carry on. Clearly for Tiger Woods, the feeling is mutual.

One of the hardest parts of picking yourself up is swallowing your pride. For Tiger to have experienced such a dramatic fall from grace, on such a public scale, that’s a lot of pride to swallow. I can’t imagine it was an easy decision to catapult himself back into the spotlight all over again, with a mountain to climb to get back to his former prowess and reputation.

However, this weekend, all anyone could talk about was Tiger Woods. With persistence, resilience and tenacity, and of course belief, it’s incredible what we can achieve. So, this week, when you’re up against challenges, pause for a moment and check in. Do you really want to give up? How can you get around the obstacles? How can you keep pushing through?

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