17 April 2019

Lawrence Jones Mind Your Own Business podcast - building a brandBrands are built by extraordinary people. It is as simple as that.

They’re not created in the boardroom or by consultants; the people within your business are your brand. They live and breathe the business every single day. These are the people who your customers, partners, and the wider community encounter. They are the people who are out there in the community representing your business.

Without great people you cannot have a great brand.

Gail and I realised this many years ago when we were a small startup, growing steadily into the UKFast that we see today. With maybe 30 people on the team, we’d come into the office every day to awesome energy, people bursting with ideas, doing their absolute utmost to support our clients.

We realised that these people, this atmosphere, the culture; that is our brand. Once we realised that it all became quite simple. We created the unusual office environment at UKFast and ‘thank yous’ like our Ten-Year Club £10,000 bonus for this very reason; to maintain that culture and help our team know just how valued they are. I am under no illusion that it is the extraordinary people within this business who make us what we are.

Transparency and authenticity

It is so frustrating to read words on websites that businesses have just come up with on the spot or hired an agency to write. These values are words that supposed represent them not just be plastered on walls or social media. If businesses aren’t true to their values, they’re building a brand on a foundation of sand.

There’s no room these days for this type of behaviour in business. Brands have to be authentic; it’s all about trust and transparency. For example, I know that our team give their all to support our clients. We recruit teammates with the ‘supportive gene’, who are naturally caring and supportive characters. I am incredibly proud of the work that they do.

Whilst many consultants and experts may say that a brand is your logo, your colour palette or your name; it’s actually far more than that. It is how you make people feel. How do people feel when they hear the name of your business? And it is the team within your business who can make or break that feeling.

I go into detail about building a brand and the role of the team within the business in this week’s Mind Your Own Business podcast. Listen now on iTunes – click here to subscribe.

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