18 April 2019

Making the most of the Bank HolidayEaster is upon us once again, and I have no doubt that many of you are frantically working today to get everything done before the long weekend begins.

Do you really need to put yourself through all of that stress? Perhaps there is another way.

Instead of running around being busy all day, pause. Take a moment, right now, to look at your to-do list. If you don’t have a to-do list and just have jobs swimming around in your head, write them all down now!

Split your list into the things that you absolutely have to do before the Bank Holiday break, the things you would like to do before the break, and the things that can wait. Give each task a deadline and go from there and schedule them in for next week, commit to a time to complete them.

More often than not, when you’re really honest about deadlines and urgency, you’ll find that much of it can wait without the world falling down. This saves you a huge amount of unnecessary stress and anxiety along the way too.

Taking the time

When you do have too many tasks to fit into your day, ask who can help you out. When I was a young man, I thought asking for help and advice was a sign of weakness. It’s the opposite. Being strong enough to ask for support when you need it, is a sign that you’re comfortable and secure in your role, in yourself and that you’re open to learning and growth. That’s one of the most important characteristics you can have as a business leader.

So why do I ask about your to-do list? It’s simple. Switching off is incredibly important. When you don’t take the opportunities to switch off – like Bank Holiday weekends – you very quickly and easily burn out. You cannot sustain a pace where you’re burning the candle at both ends for very long.

When you burn out, you make decisions for the wrong reasons, you are less productivity and creativity stops. I’ve been there. Too many times, in fact.

So today, take the time to look at how you can really make the most of those extra two days with your friends and family, to make memories and reignite that passion and creativity.

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