30 April 2019

story telling in business Lawrence Jones MBE

Reading others’ and writing our own stories helps us to connect, to be memorable.

Yesterday it seemed the entire nation was glued to their screens for 83 minutes of disaster, drama and dragons, as the final series of Game of Thrones aired its third episode.

The internet was awash with spoilers, reactions and conversations about the twists in the tail, and still is today. It’s another example of how stories unite us. Only this week Avengers: Endgame took more than a billion dollars at the box office.

In an era where we’re hounded by choice, we can easily curate our own viewing habits across hundreds of channels and media, it is truly remarkable really that stories like these continue to bring together millions of people.

It is these stories, the shared experiences, that build relationships. You only have to walk a few steps around UKFast Campus today to hear a conversation about the Lannisters or Starks, and the latest Game of Thrones plot. The energy is incredible!


So what makes the likes of Avengers and Thrones stand out from the crowd, when there are so many other options available? Personally, I think that it’s because of the power of a story.

As humans, we remember things that move us. We remember the ways that something makes us feel. When you consider that these blockbuster tales are a rollercoaster of emotions all the way through, it’s really no wonder that we’re all hooked. It’s an adrenaline rush!

So how can you learn from that in your business life? How can you change your story with your customers? How can you create a story worth telling for your business?


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