9 May 2019

UKFast volunteering day - how does giving back make you feel

Arlene on one of UKFast’s volunteering days, helping maintain the grounds at the Seashell Trust – and having a great time while she’s at it!

Isn’t it funny how everyone remembers things differently? We all have our own associations and triggers that we remember about certain people or brands.

When you think of Nike, for example, one person might think of football kits, another of the tick logo, whilst another may think of being fashionable, or of feeling at the top of your game.

For UKFast, these statements are often: ‘the one with the slide?’ or ‘the one with the dogs in the office’ or ‘didn’t you do a big cinema night with team?’. Whilst these are obviously things that are a little out of the ordinary for most businesses, there does seem to be a common theme. More often than not, we’re remembered for how we treat the people we encounter.

I am always mindful of the Maya Angelou quote in which she says: “People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
That feeling is the lasting impression. That’s how you’re judged, how you’re perceived. It’s a reminder for many areas of our lives; a reminder to pause before reacting, to offer help and support whenever you can, to take the time to make someone feel better. And, in business, it’s absolutely essential.

Ultimately your brand is not built on colour palettes or logos, it is built on how you make people feel. How do you make your customers feel? How about your clients? Knowing that my clients and team are happy is one of the single most important things in my life.

Great Workplaces

Over the years, this passion for supporting people has become something of an obsession. Our team are all supportive by their very nature, they have what we call the ‘caring gene’. They give their all to support customers to the highest level that they possibly can.

That’s a commitment that Gail and I, along with UKFast’s leadership team, take incredibly seriously. Having such an incredible team comes with the responsibility of ensuring that we’re making them just as happy as they make our clients.

So, hearing that we’d once again been named one of the best workplaces in the UK last night, was an incredible honour. We’ve been named as the eighth best Large Employer to Work For by The Great Place to Work Institute. Whilst it’s always an honour to receive any award or accolade, this one is particularly special because it comes from the team itself. The team are asked to complete surveys each year, the results of which go toward our overall ranking.

They’re asked everything from how they work with their manager to how tired they feel come the end of each day. It’s a fantastic exercise really. Whilst it is all completely anonymous, we do get some top-level feedback that tells us what is working and what isn’t. This research means that we’re constantly evolving as the workplace’s and team’s needs change.

One of my greatest goals in life to always leave people with a positive impression; for people to think of UKFast or any of our businesses in a positive light. That we’re here to help people grow and succeed.

Thanks to the whole UKFast team to once again contributing to us becoming one of the country’s greatest workplaces. Here’s to hitting the number one spot next year!

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