15 May 2019

Jordan and Lawrence in the studio - the Wolf of Wall StreetLast week I met a man that I would call fascinating to say the least.

Jordan Belfort is the ‘real’ Wolf of Wall Street; the man on which Leonardo DiCaprio’s character is based in the Scorcese Hollywood blockbuster film, The Wolf of Wall Street.

The film follows Belfort’s journey from wet-behind-the-ears Wall Street trainee, to the multi-millionaire at the head of a brokerage, living a life of drugs and debauchery, to losing it all.

Sitting in his prison cell, Belfort describes how he had the choice between giving up and wallowing in the shame of what he’d done, or taking the time for reflection to choose a more positive path. A chance encounter where his cell mate suggested he write a book turned his life around.

Now he puts the selling and communication techniques, that he’d previously misused, to good use. He spends his days touring the world, running seminars and workshops on his Straight Line System for sales and communication. It all centres on providing value for people.

When the opportunity arose, I knew I had to meet him. In this week’s episode of the Mind Your Own Business podcast, I interview the man himself and delve into the time leading up to and after his ‘Wolf’ days, asking what he learned along the way.

The Straight Line System

His sales techniques are fascinating and his ethos now hinges on the phrase: ‘Success without ethics and integrity is failure.’

There’s no denying that he is one of those marmite characters who you either love or hate, but there’s also no denying how interesting his life has been.

As well as sharing his Straight Line System, this episode also shares what it took for him to come back from losing, as he describes it, ‘my money, my pride, my dignity, my self-respect, my children and for a time, my freedom, with no one to blame but myself.’

The episode is up on all the main channels now, have a listen and let me know what you think. Subscribe to Mind Your Own Business on iTunes and Android users can find the podcast over on SpotifyStitcher and Soundcloud.



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