24 May 2019

Lawrence Jones on a boat - mental healthI have written a lot recently about mental health, particularly as last week was Mental Health Awareness Week. It is fantastic that these initiatives exist because they raise awareness like nothing else. Particularly when there are initiatives like the Mental Health Minute.

BBC Radio 1 Radio 2 and 5 Live, as well the Global and Bauer networks, came together to air the minute at the same time across their stations. The Duke of Cambridge, Stephen Fry and Jameela Jamil were also among the high-profile names to unite in this collaborative effort to encourage conversations around mental health.

But what about when the hype of an Awareness Week dies down?

So for today’s post, I wanted to check in with a couple of reminders about how important it is to take the time out.

Time out

I was reminded of the importance of taking that time recently. I came across an old notebook from some time ago and in it was tweet by a man called Simon Rose that I’d hastily scribbled down because it had caught my attention.  It said:

“Don’t be so busy driving that you forget to refuel.”

You wouldn’t continue to push your car into a hundred-mile journey with no fuel in the tank, so why do we not treat ourselves with the same courtesy. I cannot count the number of times that I have suggested to a startup entrepreneur that they take time out for themselves, to exercise or switch off and they tell me they don’t have the time. It is so counterintuitive.

Unfortunately human beings don’t come with a fuel gauge to see how close you are to running on empty. Instead, we have to be able to recognise those signs ourselves.

Ultimately, you cannot give your all to a business if you have nothing left to give!

So this weekend, switch off your phone for a little while, go for a walk or just talk some time doing something that you enjoy. Reset, refresh, refuel.


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