13 June 2019

UKFast Community and education Awards - Gail with Amelia Carroll who was diagnosed with Battens Disease.

UKFast Community and education Awards – Gail with Amelia Carroll

Whenever there is a tragedy or disaster, the first thing we say is ‘look for the helpers’. And they are always there, it not just the emergency services, but normal people trying to support others.

But they are not only there when something catastrophic happens. There are helpers in every area of our lives, every single day. Behind the scenes of so many lives, are unsung heroes; carers, volunteers, innovators, philanthropists.

The people who support others when they really need it, who go above and beyond to make a difference in the world.

Last year my wonderful wife and business partner, Gail, launched the UKFast Community and Education Awards to give these incredible people a moment of recognition that they so deserve.

The event was one of the most emotional that I have ever been to. People from all over the region came along to celebrate those making a real difference. Winners included the wonderful Amelia Carroll who, despite being diagnosed with the rare Batten Disease, took part in the Great Manchester Run fun run to raise money for a charity that her family set up. In truth, Amelia’s whole family deserve recognition for the work that they are doing to fight for funding for treatment for Amelia and her brother Ollie, to prolong their lives with Batten Disease, which gives children a life expectancy in the teens.

Nominate your heroes

The event meant that we were able to celebrate 16 incredibly selfless, brave and resilient characters. This year, we want to do the same again. With categories ranging from Young Sporting Hero to Young Digital Innovator of the Year – all of these awards are centred on people doing something different to have a positive impact on the community around them.

The team have extended the entry deadline to ensure that everyone has a chance to nominate someone wonderful in their community. The entry process is quick and simple via the UKFast Community and Education Awards website.

I am so looking forward to the event and hearing all of these incredible stories. There are few things as inspirational. Take a moment today to nominate your heroes and you may well be in the audience in a few weeks’ time celebrating as they take the stage to receive the thanks and recognition they so deserve.

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