12 August 2019

In the gym at UKFast Campus - sport and business, health and wellbeing

In the gym at UKFast Campus with our in-house personal trainer, Joe.

What if I told you that you could be absolutely unstoppable?

Forget the 3pm lull, the brain fog and fatigue. Sounds too good to be true, right? According to Ben Angel, it’s a real possibility. The personal brand specialist challenged himself to biohacking his body in 90 days, writing a book about it in the process.

I know about hacking technology, it’s a key tenet of cybersecurity, but hacking a body, how does that work? Interestingly, Angel says it is all down to understanding our own individual biochemistry.

In a video I spotted doing the rounds on social media, he explains how he had brain fog, depression, anxiety and was constantly dizzy. The doctors’ tests all came back clear, so he took it to a new level to become healthy again. He met with all manner of specialists and discovered he was deficient in vitamin D, had borderline thyroid issues from adrenaline fatigue and had food sensitivities.

Interestingly, Angel describes his reaction to coconut. After eating anything with coconut in it, he would be down and feeling stressed for a week. This is despite many health professionals recommending that he use coconut oil for its ‘health benefits’. What this taught him, he says, is that we are all unique and react to things differently.

Biohack: Unlocking potential

Could you biohack your bosy to become unstoppable?

Two of the UKFast team in our campus gym, boosting energy with a lunchtime workout.

The impact of food in particular resonated with me. I learned many years ago that certain foods have a huge impact on my wellbeing. The main culprit of this is dairy. It caused mood changes, tiredness, headaches and I was struggling to focus. Since giving it up, I have noticed an unbelievable change. Other people I know have the same reaction to citrus and, for some people, chocolate causes blinding headaches. I firmly believe that the food we consume has a huge bearing on our mood, health and mindset, far beyond the foundations of nutrition.

Fascinatingly, Angel also references social media. He says, and I agree, that our brains are not made to constantly be functioning at such a high level, processing new information. We are training our brains to focus for short amounts of time in a distracted way. He uses a range of technological solutions alongside meditation to rewire his brain. Now, he certainly seems to be thriving.

There is no doubt that the ability to ‘hack’ our bodies is absolutely fascinating. Imagine being able to unlock your highest level of potential simply by looking after yourself better!

Watch Angel’s biohacking interview and let me know what you think in the comments below.



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