14 August 2019

Lawrence Jones MBE in the mountains discussing resilience and mindsetIt was a little different recording the podcast this week, as we enjoyed a family holiday in Ibiza.

Rather than our Manchester-based studio, I snuck off early in the morning and rode up to the highest point in Ibiza Town. Here I took a few moments to record an episode for this week.

There are no two ways about it, I found it difficult this week to speak about some of the incredibly personal experiences that have been tough lately. One of which involved the man who I credit with showing me what true resilience is.

Speaking of the impact he had on my life, I was reminded of the saying: “How do you change the world? One child at a time.”

My teacher and rugby coach, Jelly Johnson, changed the world for me. He gave me a chance on the rugby field. In doing so he taught me many lessons that still hold immense value to this day.

So, to hear that he had been injured in an accident recently I was shocked to say the least. Jelly suffered a spinal injury that left him paralysed from the neck down. This is a man who dedicated his life to encourage others to be active and healthy.


Incredibly, the team in which I played for Jelly in the 80s set up a fundraising page online. Their aim was to raise the thousands of pounds needed to modify Jelly’s home to accommodate his needs. They smashed the target. All those years later, this team of children, now adults, held Jelly in such high regard that they set up this fundraiser.

Yet, this does not surprise me. Jelly had a huge impact on so many young peoples’ lives in his days as a rugby coach.

It was Jelly’s story that sparked the podcast this week which is all about never quitting. It’s about resilience, strength and tenacity – and the people from whom I have learned these lessons.

It’s a shorter episode this week, so when you have 25 mins or so, listen to this week’s Mind Your Own Business and let me know what you think. I’d love to know who your greatest inspirations are, and the lessons you’ve learned from them. Share them in the comments below.

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