23 August 2019

UKFast at Mancheser Pride in 2018

Some of the UKFast team at Mancheser Pride in 2018.

This weekend, the Manchester community comes together to celebrate Pride. Arguably, the biggest event in the region’s calendar, it is always an incredible celebration of diversity and acceptance.

But the reality of Pride goes far beyond the rainbow flags and temporarily updated brand logos. This year is 50 years since the Stonewall Riots that kickstarted LGBT rights for today, yet events in 2019 have shown there is still so much more progress to be made.

Protests around teaching school children LGBT lessons, a rise in transgender hate crime and the notable attack on a same-sex couple on London not so long ago, are just a few examples of how far there is still to go when it comes to real acceptance across the board.

Behind the flag waving and celebrations, there is so much more. I am incredibly proud that UKFast plays a small part in that in Manchester. Earlier this year, we held the launch of Manchester Pride’s Equality and Inclusion Charter, which we will be signing. We’ve also launched our internal LGBT Alliance to encourage more community events and support both within and outside of the business.

And, of course, we will be taking part in the epic Pride Parade this weekend. Last year, our LGBT club asked us if we could be a part of the parade. We’d never taken part before but being the size that we are now, we knew it was the right time to get involved. This year, we knew we had to do it all over again.

A Pride celebration

Not only is this something our team pushed for themselves, it’s a huge part of showing both our team and the wider world that we stand with the LGBT community too.

The greatest part of this is seeing just how many other businesses from across the region put in huge amounts of effort to create such an amazing parade and weekend.

I am so disappointed to miss the event this year. But, I will certainly be there in spirit! I look forward to seeing the infinite amount of pictures and videos from the team down there on the day!

Will you be watching the parade or taking part in the weekend? I hope so. Grab your glitter and rainbows and show your support. All the while remembering the real reason you’re there: acceptance, promoting diversity and celebrating the incredible LGBT+ community.


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