26 August 2019

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The day after a Bank Holiday can seem like an uphill struggle but it doesn’t have to…

It’s the start of a new week and we’ve been granted an extra day to get ready for the working week ahead. Whilst a Bank Holiday means a long weekend, it also means a shorter week to smash! So, how do you set yourself up for an epic week of success?

Here are five of my habits to help you hit your goals this four-day week…

Get organised for success!

Take a moment ahead of Tuesday morning to get yourself organised. What do you need to do that week? What are your priorities? The last thing you want to do is come into the office first thing on Tuesday to realise you’ve forgotten a huge deadline, overlooked a massive task or you’ve no idea where to even begin. Write your list, sort your priorities and set yourself up to hit the ground running.

Have fun

It is said that if you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, and I couldn’t agree more. Of course there are days when you know you have a task to do that isn’t your favourite of them all, it’s inevitable. However, if you split your time into these essential, less enjoyable tasks, and the jobs that you love, you’re guaranteed to maintain your energy throughout the week.

Discipline + Success

This is by far the toughest thing to conquer. Are you being disciplined enough?

There is no success without discipline. So, my first question is, does hitting the snooze button six times really make you feel better? For me, it certainly doesn’t! Morning person or not, getting up and out of bed straight away is the first step to a great day ahead. I also always make the bed. This was instilled in me at boarding school as a young child. When you make the bed each morning, you maintain your standards and that stays with you throughout the day.

Work out what your magic formula is – making the bed, exercising, having a hearty breakfast – and stick to it, no matter what.

Take your time

There is nothing worse than rushing. When we rush we overlook details, we panic and inevitably, we make mistakes. So, calm down and take your time. Work out how long you think something is going to take and plot your days accordingly. Equally, don’t overpromise your time. If you are squeezing someone in for a meeting, rearrange it. It could overrun, it could spark something you need to address, and that will throw off the rest of your day and put more pressure onto your shoulders. Sort out your schedule and you’re setting yourself up for success.

Time out

Speaking of time, the most important part of having a successful week is taking time out for yourself. Go to the pub or out for your tea, read a book and watch a film. Do whatever it is you enjoy that also helps you to switch off.

No one can be on the go, 24/7/365, you need time out or you will burn out and your mind and body will force you to take time out. It is that simple.


These are just five of my tips for having a successful week. Share yours in the comments below.


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