30 August 2019

With so much negativity in the news at the moment, I think it only right that for the coming Fridays I use my thought for the day post to share some positivity in the world.

It is surprisingly difficult to find good news stories in the traditional media, so if you spot anything that you think is worth sharing, let me know on social media and I will post it as my Feel-Good Friday blog post.

So, this week, I had to smile reading that this week the world celebrated International Dog Day! A global day to celebrate “man’s best friend”. Even those who are not ‘dog people’ must have raised a smile scrolling through social media seeing the reams of posts with photos of pets and their appreciative owners.

Four-Legged Friends

It is true that dogs make you feel better. We see it every single day in the UKFast office. For a few years now we’ve welcomed our team’s pets into the office, as long as they adhere to a code of ‘petiquette’. It started with one or two dogs being brought in ‘unofficially’ and soon there were one or two more. Now there are pups everywhere!

From the two UKFast Space Rottweilers to the two tiny Chihuahuas, the older pals to the bouncy new puppies; there is no denying how much they lift the mood. It’s hard to feel the blues of a Monday morning when you’re greeted by a four-legged friend by your desk!

So for the first of these Feel-Good Friday posts, and in the week of #InternationalDogDay, it seems only right that I share some photos of the UKFast dogs.
Share yours in the comments and on social media to share the joy.

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