6 September 2019

iceberg innovation to tackle climate change


Despite the rain and the end of summer, there is still plenty to feel good about in the world! This Feel-Good Friday, I want to write about something that gave me hope for a seemingly unsolvable situation.

We all know about climate change. It’s a crisis. There are no two ways about it.

Reading the other week that one of Iceland’s glaciers had melted completely, I was concerned to say the least. There was a local memorial service and a plaque to mark the loss of the glacier and acknowledge its impact on the entire planet. It’s a devastating step closer toward a planet we cannot save.

It is also predicted that the glacier Snaefellsjokull is likely to have completely melted in 30 years. This iconic Icelandic glacier held a passage to the centre of the earth in the 1864 novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Good news: Innovation at its best

But all may not be lost. A team of Indonesian designers recently announced their proposals for mini-submarines to refreeze the melting ice. The subs sink beneath the surface, remove the salt from the water and freeze hexagonal ice blocks to create a honeycomb ice structure to replace the fast-melting Arctic ice.

Also hitting the news for combatting the damage caused by climate change, a team of German scientists have outlined their plans in a paper to pull cold water from the sea, to spray it back into the air over Antarctica to turn it into snow, which could effectively slow the pace of melting and lower sea levels in the long term.

We are all hyper aware of the challenges facing the planet and how our habits and behaviour impact that. Whilst we’re reducing plastic and switching to electric cars, it is great to hear just how much innovation is going on behind the scenes to prevent catastrophe.

I often talk about innovation, and this is innovation at its finest. When we think creatively, we can find solutions for even the seemingly impossible challenges!


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